AudioSource is a Portland Oregon based designer and manufacturer of high quality, affordable and great sounding audio products. Founded in 1978 we have developed a company culture of developing and manufacturing products that exceed our customers expectations for value and performance. Our engineering team is US based and always out in front of current audio trends in the marketplace.

We make great sounding audio products across a wide range of consumer categories: analog and digital amplifiers, soundbars and speakers, as well as Bluetooth speakers.

AudioSource amplifiers are best in class and allow you to enjoy music in any room in the home including outdoor patio’s and pools. These amplifiers can be easily installed by a homeowner looking to enjoy music throughout the home or wanting to enhance their home theater system by adding additional power or channels. AudioSource amps have been used and trusted by homeowners for many years and have a reputation for being “bullet-proof”.

Our soundbars offer a simple solution to instantly create a home theater experience anywhere you have a TV. They are easy to install and deliver powerful sound for movies, sports or any listening experience. Installation only takes a few minutes.

One word describes AudioSource Bluetooth speakers- FUN! These speakers are designed for people with active lifestyles. Check out our Sound pOp 2 Bluetooth speakers. They are water resistant, have a suction cup that allows you to place them anywhere and sound great. Sound pOp 2 can also be used as a speaker phone.

We hope you enjoy viewing our new website!